CHOICE 1: Politician A’s SUPPORT PROVIDING BIRTH CONTROL, which provides easy access to birth control methods. As examples, refer to the results of birth control methods.

Austria, 1.4%; Germany, 6.1%; Netherlands, 9,7%, Switzerland, 7.%, U.S. 14.1%.

A bright spot was the rate of births for teenagers, which has dropped 55 percent since 2007 — nearly 8 percent a year — a decline Dr. Hamilton called “phenomenal.”

ACA (Affordable Care Act/Medicaid) is playing a role by providing birth control prevention aids now threatened. There are now over 30,000 government-sponsored clinics available for low-income patients. Refer to our website below:

At our website: Review the data for birth control methods and the health clinic near you!

CHOICE 2: Politician B’s support restricting birth control aids, outlawing abortions and advocate abstinence programs.
If Politicians B’s succeed in restricting birth control aids and outlawing abortion, thousands of medical clinics will no longer help women with the best birth control method for them to prevent an unintended or unwanted baby. On average, 54% of new babies are wanted; and roughly, 47% of the babies are unintended or unwanted.

Guttmacher Institute estimated that 75% of the unintended or unwanted babies are born in the most depressed economic and social condition, resulting in highest crime and prison rate costing over
$1-2 billion a year.

Where is Politician B’s evidence that restricting and outlawing abortion reduced the number of abortions and unintended and unwanted babies anywhere in the world? Every country that outlaw’s abortions have the highest abortion rates in the world. Prevention methods can provide 90% to 98% fewer abortions and unwanted and unintended babies.

Up-Date: President Trump & VP Pence want to outlaw birth control aids and promote abstinence programs. For years, the public has spent over $2 billion on abstinence-only programs, which not only fail to reduce teen birth rates but also reinforce gender stereotypes and are rife with misinformation.