An unintended pregnancy is one that was either mistimed or unwanted. If a woman did not want to become pregnant at the time the pregnancy occurred, but did want to become pregnant at some point in the future, the pregnancy is considered mistimed.

Statistics by

55% are planned pregnancies
18% Mistimed (Unintended)
27% Unwanted

In 2014, about 75% of all abortions were low income, Statistics by; our priority is to prevent these continued failures.

In our country, some politicians believe their responsibility of opposing abortions excuses them for the millions of unintended and unwanted babies being born in poverty and crime. In other words, these politicians overlook millions of American babies and children living in a surrounded environment of drugs, crimes, gangs, domestic violence, sexual abuse and prison.

Most Americans will agree that politicians ignoring the suffering is an affront against humanity.

They can receive redemption through their support of preventing abortions, unintended and unwanted babies by over 90 TO 98 percent. Moreover, these politicians should ignore the Ayn Rand approach of survival of the fitness, which means forget the revival of million of our poorest after their baby is born.

Every country that restricts and outlaw abortions has the highest rate of abortions, resulting in damages to mothers and babies.