Religious leaders can help begin the ending of 70-million abortions and more coming.

As a beginning step, religious leaders should stop accepting outlawing abortion as a solution.   It’s a tool for politicians.  Every country that outlaw abortion has the highest abortion rates in the world.

Success begins with access to family aids planning approach, which includes sex education.

States that reject ACA, Medicaid, and Chips have the highest abortion rates, unwanted and unintended babies.   It’s not a moral sin that politician continues the falsehood outlawing abortions and restricting family planning aids is a moral failure at the highest level.

You may be unaware of hundreds of thousands of unwanted and unintended babies are born a year.  Guttmacher Institute shows that 70% of the unwanted and unintended babies are from single-mothers and suffer from areas of the lowest income and the highest crime rates.

Unfortunately, most of the single-mothers’ babies end in choosing crime as their survival tool.  Too many end up in prisons, with years of hopeless freedom.

For these single-mother babies, they need a survival tool of pre-school programs, which will save the lives hundreds of thousands of single mothers’ babies.

This efforts will change America more than any other effort will rescue over hundreds and hundred thousand of babies trapped in hell.  Refer to Rand Institute: Prenatal until Kindergarten.