Few Americans are unaware of the survival requirements in sub cultural environments.

If these politicians investigated the politicians in other advanced countries, they noted 94% to 98% fewer abortions, using modern birth control methods.   As necessary, they provide universal daycare system, based on principles of Monasteries’ education systems.

Some politicians have no interest in about one-million babies being sent the most debasing parts of America.  We should be striving for the lowest abortion, unintended and unwanted rate. Below are few examples for improvement.

Abortion Rate:  Austria, 1.4%; Germany, 6.1%; Netherlands, 9,7%, Switzerland, 7.%.  USA 19.6%. http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/policy/abortion/wrjp336abrate2.html

How did these politicians not see their responsibility for babies after birth, especially when these environments produce the highest crime rates?

Moreover, these politicians still think outlawing abortions and birth control methods are the ways to reduce our abortion rate.  Since Roe vs. Wade, attempting to stop abortions, resulting in over 47-million failure.

These politicians do not know that yearly hundreds of thousands of babies born unintended and unwanted, which result about one-million new babies forced to live in the most debasing conditions.

About 74% of the babies unintended and unwanted, mostly African-American.  The babies are born in a breeding ground for crime, with little hope of escape.  Too many of these babies are doomed for a life of crime and incarcerations.

Americans should strive for the best models that create the most WANTED BABIES by 98%, not 54%, which is our current rate.  

M.E. Newton, President of PreventionSavesLives. Org