When it comes to abortions, there should be an option to prevent abortions by providing easy access to birth control methods.

As an example, in the last four years, the success of this approach has reduced abortions by over 50% through ACA (Affordable Care Act), Medicaid, CHIP, and supported with government clinic sponsorship, which should be expanded.

Unfortunately, about 75% of unwanted and unintended pregnancies occur in the highest crime rate areas and the lowest income.  There is relation between abortions and high level of unwanted and unintended.

One fact dictates the decline in abortions is not to outlaw abortions, but assure every woman has access to birth prevention options.

Republican Politicians from Roe vs. Wade have promised to prevent abortions through outlawing abortions.  After each election period, abortions continue their own path with the unwanted and unintended babies become the factor for more abortions.

As a side comment, every country that outlaw abortions has the highest number of abortions, (refer to the report enclosed).

A question comes up why Republican Politicians never abandoned their outlaw approaches.  In contrast, many of our allies have developed birth control aids, along with a major emphasis on sex education, which resulted in a 92% to 98% fewer abortions among our allies.

Why did Republicans keep supporting outlawing abortions without investigating the many advances in new innovations that has lower abortions?  The answer is the Republicans win election after election promising to outlaw abortions.

Over a 47-year period Republican Politicians led the way to over 70-millon abortions.  Not one change was made to prevent abortions through applying the prevention approaches.

To bring a serious change of reducing abortions, Republican Politicians must stop using the outlawing approach; it doesn’t work.