Sex education in Netherland (Holland), as an example, have successes that provides record low abortion and unintended and unwanted babies’ rates. The figure is 5.1 per 1000, women, aged 15-19. These figures represent about two and half-times lower rate than the U.S.

Abortion Rate: Austria, 1.4%; Germany, 6.1%; Netherlands, 9,7%, Switzerland, 7.%. US 19.6%.

In Germany, the code for security is to always have three condoms with you, males and females.

Netherlands begin sex education in kindergarten, which may be hard for some in our country. Before making a judgement, you may want to review an example from Netherlands’ early education.

Sex education is a priority by age 10. Anatomy classes is a way to approach the topic of ones’ body.

One of my German friends brought his son to visit in Atlanta, about 12-years old. He knew everybody part on one’s body and the importance of practicing the safest birth control methods.

Every (family) should have access to the most advanced birth control methods.

As a marketing snapshot, our marketing campaign begins with Social Media/PR, TV, Radio, Magazines, Public Speaking, along with the support of Universities, as Sororities and Fraternizes. A key element is Direct Mail Marketing; our President has over 40-years of experience. The cost will be high, and your contribution will prevent hundreds of thousands of abortions, unwanted and unintended babies.

The ROI reduced crime and prison cost by over a half of a $billion once our government join the full program. The Blue States have already accomplished this goal. New support came in with government sponsored clinics, now over 30,000.

Our goal is to reduce abortions, unwanted and unintended babies by 93% in eight years.