Hundreds of thousands of babies per year are born in America’s hell, with little chance of escaping.

These babies, born of single mothers, are colored.

The mothers are in continual problem of public and private care centers.  Some of these mothers’ resorts to unknown neighbors for babysitting where some children are molested by the babysitter or visitors.  It’s a choice of survival through work or using the wrong babysitters.

As the babies grow to an early age, they see their survival in selling drugs, prostitution, violence and various other crimes, referring to domestic abuse, sexual molestation, domestic violence, yelling insanity, torture, and other pain in the recurring hell.

Too many of the survivors become part of a massive prison system.  The cost ranges about a $1.3-billion year for crime and incarceration cost.  

As an added disadvantage, mothers have trouble connecting into medical clinics.  Too many mothers miss pre-natal and post-natal care (Folic Acid, B12) that prevents mental and physical disabilities.

Finding assistance for family planning is a battle where those on fringe areas of the city make it nearly impossible to visit a clinic.  

All the good in our world is the wish that females have access to the broad range of modern birth control, eliminating 94% to 98% abortions, unwanted and unintended babies.  If some of allies can do it, we can, too. PreventionSavesLives is designed to make these changes.    

M.E. NEWTON, the President.