A famous political cartoon shows politicians speaking to an unborn fetus in a mother’s womb: “We’ll do whatever we can to protect your life.” Following the birth, the baby is left alone, and the mother is criticized for needing assistance.

The point is made: Why do many politicians show no interest in babies once they’re born? In fact, studies show that babies born into some of the most debasing parts of our country are the most neglected by lawmakers, averaging about million per year before ACA.

Both sides want to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and when the costs are this astronomical, it is important to review a proven solution: modern birth control. Advances countries such as Germany and the Netherlands observe 94 to 98 percent fewer abortions than the U.S., all by implementing modern birth control methods.

How did these politicians not see the solution year-after-year? Politicians frequently suggests failing tactics, including outlawing abortion or abstinence, merely as a means to getting re-elected and regardless of the millions of abortions that could have avoided.

Further, about 74 percent of unintended and unwanted babies are African-American, and born into a breeding ground for crime, with little hope of escape. Too many suffer in prison for most of their lives, which is because they are not set up to succeed in the environment to which they are born.

Our politicians get reelected every election cycle, and subsequently drop all efforts to actually reduce these unintended and unwanted babies, which results in over $1-trillion a year for crime and incarceration.

A moral contradiction is among politicians (supporters) who espouse care for the baby before it’s born, but after the unintended and unwanted babies are born, they abandon them. We must prevent this from happening.

M.E. NEWTON, President of PreventionSavesLives.Org