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Preschool Programs

For America to make a dramatic change in the outcome of children trapped in the worst economic and social society requires several factors:

1. Prevention of unwanted and unintended pregnancies is a priority. Every male/woman must have access to birth control mythologies.

2. Sex education from the earliest stage is a priority.

3. Every single mother’ born in America needs access to babysitters that are qualified. Too many single-mothers in desperation choose the wrong people to have their child.

4. Single-mothers must have an advantage of using public school classes to improve the life of the mother and baby.

5. is a key source for obtaining information about Pre-School programs.

America needs pre-school programs. PreventionSavesLives.Org is dedicated to making pre-school programs as a standard policy.

Every baby from birth to the first grade will arrive with the better skills, as social, reading, writing, foreign language and music.

Rescuing single mothers and babies means a reduction of crime, incarceration in the hundreds of $billions. In other words, $billions of dollars in helping single mothers in babies we tax money now eaten up by crime and prison cost, $1.3-trillion a year could provide $billions for pre-school. These changes will bring single-mother babies into the best schools and contribute to the success of America’s families.

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